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A part of the extended family of Rummy games, Tripoley was invented by Stanly Hopkins in 1932. Tripoley is a game that combines principles from Hearts, Poker and Rummy. Despite there being many versions of the game, all variations of online Tripoley feature a basic pattern of game play. In order to play online Tripoley, you will require two to nine players, a board, chips and a deck of 52 cards.

To begin, all the chips are divided amongst the players, although in certain versions the players would have to buy the chips. Players will then lay their chips in each segment of the board at the commencement of each round. Thereafter, the entire deck is dealt – with the exception of jokers, between the players, as well as an extra pile.

Heart Round

A chip can be taken from each of the segments of the board by the player who holds the “money cards”. During the hearts round, the money cards will be the cards from the hearts suit. If you are holding a card from the hearts suit, you can pick up a chip from the segment which corresponds with the value of your card, except in cases 8-9-10. In this case, a tie will be declared and the players get to divide the chips between them.

Poker Round

The next round is the Poker round and here, the players get to choose their top 5 cards in accordance with rummy rules. The dealer will then conduct the bets of the players who wish to proceed and the winner is declared, who wins the entire pool prize. However, in the event of a tie, the pot will be divided equally between the winning players.

Rummy Round

During this round, each player returns the cards from the poker round in their hand. The dealer then puts the lowest card in his hand down on the rummy board facing up. The player with the card following the dealer’s card places it back in the deck to begin this round. This process ends when the subsequent card is in the extra pile of cards or when a sequence has been concluded by an ace.

When a suit has been completed, the next suit is begun by the player who laid down the final card of that suit. However, if that player does not have a card to begin the next suit, his turn will pass on to the player to his left.

The first player to win all the moves will also win the chips from the corresponding segment on the board and the losers will all give the winner a chip for winning. Once that round has ended, a new one begins, a new dealer is identified and a new deck of cards is dealt. Tripoley does not have a time limit, as well as online rummy. As such, the game will only end once one player is in possession of all the chips or in the event that all the players decide to end the game.