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The game of Tripoley is one of the very well-known variations of the Rummy card game. It combines the fun and the skill of three other popular games, namely Hearts, Texas Hold’em and Spades, and is sometimes referred to as Michigan Rummy. Playing Tripoley is equally popular among children and adults. The game allows you to gather chips for the heart cards in your hand, put togther the best poker hand you can and get rid of the cards you don’t need suit by suit.

Each stage of the game of Tripoley needs a different skill in order to become an expert. Log onto RummyRoyal’s online rummy game page, sign up and open an account. This allows you access to lots of free practice sessions as well as many hours of playing for money, and even winning money. With any number of players between 2 and 9 people, ideally 4 to 7 players, Tripoley can build up to an exciting finish. Out of the many varieties available, this is by far the most popular one.

Once you are a member, have downloaded the programme and logged on, you will have access to people playing Tripoley and all the other rummy games, as Gin Rummy, Okey, Canasta, all over the world – real Tripoley rooms with real international players. You choose you own screen name so no one knows exactly who you are and you can talk to the other players while playing – it really is rather fun – try it out – I did! Players can make their way very easily around the game site and can find a table to suit the bet with which they feel the most comfortable. You can almost feel the atmosphere as if you were at a real live games room!

Before the first round starts, all players must place chips on every segment of the board. Then the dealer deals them all their cards, plus an extra hand that belongs to nobody. Some players get more cards than others, but this is of no consequence as it all evens out. Anyone is free to swop their cards with the extra hand that was dealt!

We recommend going to the Tripoley Rules page and learning how to play this game – it contains intrigue, a degree of mastery and a smudgeon of a challenge – and who can resist such a blatant invitation for winning and losing?!