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Tripoley Game – Three Games in One

Ever since it was invented in the 1930′s, Tripoley has become one of the most popular games. Its attraction comes from it being a dynamic and complex game based on three different games, and all three games are very common and popular.

The Tripoley game of cards consists of three main stages. The first is based on Hearts, the second is based on Poker and the third is based on Michigan Rummy. In every stage, the players are awarded with rewards and thrills that grow as the game goes on.

Here is a short description of the three rounds:

The first round is the round of hearts. In this round we will use the board, which is divided into different segments that represent different cards on which players lay chips at the beginning of each round. Once this is done, the dealer deals the card among the players with one extra hand. Then the players start picking up chips from the board, according to the cards they have. Once this process is done we move on to the next stage.

The second round is the round of poker. Now the players choose 5 cards from their original hand to form their poker hand for this round. The players may perform regular poker moves such as betting, folding, raising, checking and calling until the round is over and the card are revealed or everyone folded and only one player left.

The third round is the round of Rummy. In this round, players go back to their original hands from the hearts round and start discarding cards in a sequence until an ace was laid down and ended the sequences or until no player has a card to add. Once a sequence is done, the player who laid down the ace or the highest card in the previous sequence starts a new sequence. The game ends as soon as a player gets rid of all the cards in their hands.

Unlike many other Rummy games, which are limited to 4 players at most, onlineTripoley game up to 9 players can participate making the game very social and exciting. Another advantage that the game of Tripoley has is that it is not time limited! It is possible to play an infinite number of rounds, until the players decide to end it. Even when the game does end you can hold another round of Poker to determine who wins the remaining chips.

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