• Buy-in
    1. Amount of funds allocated to a specific table.
    2. Amount of funds required to participate in a tournament.


  • Deadwood – The unmatched cards left in player’s hand when the hand is over.
  • Deal – Distributing the cards at the beginning of each hand.
  • Dealer – The player who deals the cards.
  • Deck – The standard deck of Rummy games consists of a single 52-card deck (no jokers). Please note: Kalooki (Kaluki) Rummy is played with two 52-card decks plus 2 jokers.
  • Discard – Discarding a card from a player’s hand, placing it on the discard pile.
  • Discard pile – The discard pile is formed by the cards players discard. The cards are placed face-up.
  • Draw – Drawing a card from either the stock pile or the discard pile.


  • Elimination Tourney – A multi-round tournament in which players who accumulate a certain amount of points are eliminated. This goes on until only 1 player remains and he is the winner of the elimination tourney.


  • Freerolls – Freeroll tournaments are real money award winning tournaments of either elimination or multi-round tables that carry absolutely no entry fee with real money prizes.


  • Gin
    1.  The name of one of the most popular Rummy variants.
    2. To Gin is to knock all cards at once, having a hand that consists of no deadwood.


  • Hand – A game consists of several rounds each called a “Hand”. The cards in player’s hand are referred to as player’s “Hand”.


  • Invite a Friend Bonus – Invite your friends to join you in playing your favorite games and get a free bonus.


  • Jokers – Wild cards that are used in Kalooki (Kaluki) and may substitute any card.


  • Knock – To knock is to end a hand by laying down all cards, grouped into melds and deadwood. A player must have 10 points or less in deadwood in order to knock.
  • Knock Pile – This pile is located on the Gin Rummy and Oklahoma Gin games tables.
  • Kalooki (Kaluki) – The name of a very popular Rummy variant that incorporates the use of Jokers.


  • Lay off – Reducing the deadwood total by adding matching cards to the opponent’s melds.


  • Meld – A set of cards of the same value or a group of consecutive cards with the same suit.
  • Meld Area – A designated area on the Rummy table for players to lay down their melds.


  • Oklahoma – The name of one of the most popular Gin Rummy variants.


  • Penalty points – are given to players against the cards remaining in their hand once the hand is over.
  • Practice Mode – There are 2 playing modes inside the RummyRoyal application. Practice Mode enables players to learn the different games while playing for virtual funds. Playing in this mode is free.


  • Quick Tourney – Quick Tourneys are single round games by the end of which the pool prize is distributed.


  • Real Mode – There are 2 playing modes inside the RummyRoyal application. Real Mode enables players to play their favorite Rummy games and tournaments for real money as well as win real money.
  • Real Mode – Players get to participate in special tournaments and are eligible for special bonuses.
  • Round Tourney – A Round Tourney is a tournament that contains a predetermined number of rounds, by the end of which the pool prize is distributed.
  • Royal Stars – A unique loyalty program for Real Mode players that will be available soon.
  • Run – A meld of consecutive cards of the same suit (see also Sequence).


  • Sequence – a meld of consecutive cards of the same suit. For sequence purposes in Gin aces are low. In Kalooki (Kaluki) and Traditional Rummy, aces melded in runs can be either low or high.
  • Set – 3 or 4 cards of the same rank.
  • Stock – When dealing is over, the rest of the deck is piled up (face down) forming the stock pile from which player may draw.
  • Score – The total amount of points accumulated by a player.


  • Table – The play area to lay down melds on the playing area.
  • Target Score – A target score is set before at the beginning of the game. The first player to reach the target score win the game.
  • Three-meld hand – A hand assembled of 3 melds.
  • Tournaments – Games that consist of numerous rounds.


  • Undercut – when a player “knocks”, his or her opponents get a chance to add cards to the “knocker’s” melds. Cards must be added directly to the “knocker’s” original melds. If an opponent manages to end the game with a lower deadwood count than the “knocker’s”, that opponent wins by “undercut”. Undercut turns the outcome of the game around, and the original “knocker” suffers a penalty of 25 points in addition to his or her deadwood count.


  • Welcome Bonus – Every player is eligible for a 100% match bonus against their first deposit at RummyRoyal.