Top FAQs

Fun Mode – Practice Balance

Q: How can I get more chips?

  1. Enter any of the tables under the “Fun Mode” tab.
  2. Inside the table click on “Get Chips” button.
  3. Complete fulfilling the validation requirements (If needed).
  4. Purchase our worthwhile ‘Fun Mode Credit’ packages by clicking on the ‘Get Chips’ button.
  5. Enjoy variety of benefit and claim a free $250 daily bonus!

Username / Password Issues

Q: I forgot my login details, how can I retrieve them?

A: Use our login details reminder tool which will promptly send the relevant details to the email address that was initially provided during your account creation.

Q: I received an error message that states my login details are incorrect. What should I do?

A: Please be advised that in order to successfully login into the RummyRoyal’s application, you need to make sure that you type your username and not the screen name chosen during your account creation. Moreover, do make sure that the characters you are using only contain numbers and letters without any spaces between them.

Countries’ Regulation Gaming Policies

Q: I used to play in the ‘Real Mode’ activities yet it is no longer available in my country jurisdiction. What other kind of ‘Game Modes’ options are available?

A: Due to new regulations in your country the “Real Mode” services are no longer available. You are welcome to enjoy a variety of activities under the “Fun Mode” tab and start competing for attractive prizes and your very own exclusive sign up bonus.

* Please note that the conversion utility is only available for players from countries in which the Real Mode services are no longer available.



Deposit Declined

Q: I tried to place a deposit using my credit card and received the following error message: – ‘We are sorry to inform you that your deposit attempt has been declined’
What should I do?

A: In case your deposit attempt has not been successful due to the above reason, we highly recommend that you use an alternative deposit method such as Entropay.

Deposit Methods

Q: What kind of deposit methods do you have to offer?

A: We offer a variety of deposit methods for our players to choose from.

Withdrawal Procedure

Q: Do I need to send any verification documents before you process my withdrawal request?

A: Yes – before we process players’ first withdrawal request with us, we require standard verification documents as Shown Here. Please note that the procedure is done in all cases where players used one or more credit cards in order to fund their RummyRoyal account, and may be carried out in other cases, subjected to our Finance Department discretion. This procedure is done only once and complies with the online gaming industry financial procedures to ensure the funds go to the right person and to prevent fraudulent abuse. Please review our Security and Privacy policy to learn more on how we protect your information.

Q: What does the ‘Pending Period’ means? / How can I reverse my withdrawal request?

A: Once you place a withdrawal request, it will be suspended for a period of 24-72 hours (Depending on your VIP status). During this time you may reverse your withdrawal by visiting the “Reverse Withdrawal” section inside your ‘Cashier’ area.


Technical Issues

Email validation problems / Completing registration process

Q: I did not receive the email which contains the validation code, how will I validate my ‘RummyRoyal’ account?

A: Simply send an email from your valid email address to our support team (support@rummyroyal.com) which includes your username and a written request for an account validation. Once our support team will receive the aforementioned email your account will be validated within 24 hours.

Account Creation / Completing registration process

Q: While I was trying to create an account / complete my account registration I received one of the following messages:

  1. Error 3001 – Please contact the customer support
  2. An account was already opened from your computer, please contact the support team

A: In order to resolve these described situations, we would like you to contact our support team and provide them with the relevant error message that reflects your query.

Connectivity Issues / Connection Failure

Q: My internet connection was lost / interrupted while I was playing, how can I resume the game?

A: Please note that we are aware that internet connections may sometimes be interrupted or disconnected, and so have implemented special features in our software to help maintain the game’s continuous play, and allow disconnected players to return and continue playing.
During a player absence, the ‘Auto-Play’ function will help to maintain the games and tournaments’ continuous play in case the player has been disconnected or inactive for more than 2 turns.
In these cases, the Auto-Play function will draw cards from the stock pile and discard them automatically. The Auto-Play function remains active until the player returns to the table and clicks the “I’m Back” button, or until the round is over. If a player has been disconnected or inactive for 2 turns during a tournament (that contains multiple rounds) the Auto-Play mode will remain until tournament is over or until player returns / eliminated from the tournament.

Another feature we have implanted within our software is the ‘Back To Table’ option.
By clicking on the ‘Back To Table” button (located in the main lobby screen) your client will reconnect with our servers, once the connection will be reestablished, you will be directed to the table you were playing in, as long as the game did not end.

Q: What is RummyRoyal’s disconnection policy?

A: When registering for a game, a player is taking full responsibility for the risk of their internet disconnection or communication interferences between their PC and RummyRoyal’s servers, any lag or freeze game, and any other problem in their own computers. Other than a server crash, RummyRoyal does not take any responsibility for any of players’ disconnections from server.
As RummyRoyal is aware that internet disconnections or interference may occur, players will remain in the game in Auto-Play until they return or are eliminated.
Server Crash: in case of a server crash all registered players will be refunded per their buy-in amount in full.



$5 Registration Bonus

Q: How can I collect the ‘$5 No Deposit Bonus’?

A: Please refer to our ‘$5 No Deposit Bonus’ page to learn who is eligible for the bonus and how to collect it.

100% Welcome Bonus

Q: How can I get the 100% Welcome Bonus?

A: Please refer to our ‘100% Welcome Bonus’ page to learn how you can enjoy up to $200 bonus on your first deposit.

General Deposit Bonuses

Q: How do deposit bonuses work?

A: All of our depositing players are invited to enjoy a variety of special bonus offers. Offers include a range of weekly benefits, voucher giveaways, and also attractive cash bonuses.
For more information regarding our various promotion offers and their conditions please click here.

Royal Stars Club

Q: Where can I find more information regarding your ‘Royal Stars’ Club?

A: You can read more about our ‘Royal Stars club’ benefits, structure and unique rewards by Clicking Here.

If you’re unable to find what you were looking for, you can send us an e-mail to our ‘Support Team Department’ (support@rummyroyal.com). The more details you can provide, the easier it will be for us to research your question and the faster we can respond.
Some issues take longer than others to review, but we’ll always do our best to answer your questions in a timely manner.
To receive an answer which relates to your account, you must either e-mail us from the e-mail address which is registered in your RummyRoyal account or provide us with your screen name / username.