Getting Started

Start To Play Rummy Online At RummyRoyal

1. start playing- now!

2. Welcome Bonus

3. Basic Rules

4. Demos for all of our games- watch and learn.

5. Getting Started

1. start playing- now!

Our innovative find-a-seat wizard allows you to play your favorite game at the push of a button!

mouse clicks and the game starts!

     1. Click the “Find a Seat” button located under the “Fun Mode” and “Rounds Tourneys” tabs. 

     2. Once inside the wizard, choose your favorite game and press “Play Now!” 

RummyRoyal's Seat Finder Wizard

Within seconds an appropriate table will open, and you will be seated and ready to go!

2. Welcome Bonus

At RummyRoyal you get a special bonus on your first deposit – up to $200.
To learn more about our current first deposit bonus go to our Rummy Promotions page.

3 .Basic Rules

In order to learn how to Play Rummy you are invited to visit the Rummy Rules page where you can find all the relevant information.

4. Demos for all of our games- watch and learn.

The family of Rummy games is providing people of all demographics and countries with hours of excitement and intellectual challenge. Each area has its own variation and we have gathered some of the most popular variations. Each of the variations share the same goal (to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in his hand) and play pattern (melding the cards in you hand into sets and runs, while picking up and discarding cards). Here you can learn all the different rummy games and you can master the variation that you like best and even win prizes and special bonuses just like our players here at RummyRoyal.

5. Opening an account

After downloading and installing the game start RummyRoyal and the following window will open:

Rummy Login Screen

Click “New Player” to make a new account.
The following window will pop up:

Enter in the required information, read the terms and conditions and check the box accepting the terms then click submit.

Practice Money

After opening an account the following window will pop up:

RummyRoyal Real Mode or Practice Mode

In order to learn how to play click on the “Practice Money” button.

If  you wish to play in the freerolls and win real money you have to fill in the details requested in the following window which will pop up when you try to register for the freeroll:

RummyRoyal's Registration Form

Opening/ Joining a table

In the game lobby of RummyRoyal you can see the games currently in progress and the games that are going to open. The lobby is the place to open or join a table.

Game Lobby

Practice Money and Real money game lobby
When you play in RummyRoyal you can play the practice mode or you can play for real money. Everything about the lobby is identical, and we therefore invite you to start by playing in the practice version until you feel ready to win some money!


Lobby Structure

Once you have chosen the “Practice Money” tab you need to choose the type of game you wish to play. We offer 3 different types of games: Rounds Tourneys (consist of a pre determined numbers of rounds), Quick Tourneys (multiple round elimination games) and Multi Table Tourneys (multi table tournaments).

The Rounds Tourneys tables are games with a pre determined number of rounds (1-3) and are available in the lobby 24 hours a day.

Under this tab you can find all of the rummy variations we offer. You can sort them by different categories (name, rounds,  buy-in amount and number of players at a table) in order to find your desired table.

*Please note that in the “Players” column the left number indicates the number of players currently seated at the table and the right number indicates the maximum number of players per tables. As long as the left number is lower than the right number you can sit at a table.

In the “Rounds” column the left number indicates the current round and the right number indicates the number of pre determined rounds at that table.


If a game table is full and there is no room for another player you can watch the game by clicking on the “watch” button in the “action” column.  You can join one of the other games by clicking the “join” button in the “action” column.

The Game Table- Display and Options

The game is displayed in the following way:

RummyRoyal's Game Table


At the top right hand of the screen you can see the Pool Prize and track the number of rounds. If the game is being played in the practice mode you can switch to Real money by pressing the Switch to Real button that will take you to the cashier.

Switch to Real Mode

On the top left hand corner of the screen a menu consisting of Options, Payouts and Help.


Using Tiles

RummyRoyal is available in tiles, just like the popular Tiled Rummy game.

When you click on the “options” button the following menu pops up. In this menu you can chose game settings, sound setting and graphic settings. If you wish to play with tiles, click on the “Use Tiles” button in the bottom part of the menu

Game table options

When you click on the “Pool Prize” button the following menu pops up and shows the division of the payout for the different places.

RummyRoyal's Pool Prize

When you click on the “help” button a window pops up with instructions and the rules to the game you are in.  For example:  If the game is Rummy, clicking on the Help button will open the instruction page for Rummy etc.

Rummy Rules Page

Before you are seated the table info is shown to you. Here you can chose the amount of money you wish to allocate to the table. After you chose the amount  click on “Ok” or you can click  “Cancel” if you do not wish to play.

RummyRoyal Buy In

When you have accepted the amount allocated to the table and clicked on “Ok” the table window will open up again and in order to play in the next game you must click on “Join Next Round”

Join Next Game

Now you are at the final stage before the game starts!

At the bottom of your screen a red box will appear that informs you how many seconds are left until the next game starts. Next to it is the chat window.

Next Round will start in 10 seconds

Using the Chat

In the chat window you can find the information about the moves that have been made and which cards have been discarded. You can also use the window to chat with the other players in the table.  If you wish to send a message, or say something to your opponent or someone else in the table. All you have to do is click on the text box at the bottom of the chat window and send it by clicking “send”.

Now that you are part of a game, your character will always appear at the bottom of your screen to the right of the chat window.  Your cards or tiles will be shown clearly and only to you.  You can see the amount of time remaining for each turn and your opponents name and game score for every player in the game.

*Please note that you can watch the  short video explanations to the right of your cards / tiles. You can see how to Draw a Card / Discard a Card / How to Lay Down Melds / How to add cards to existing melds. Just click on the line you wish to see the video for.


Tiles - Tiled Rummy on RummyRoyal

During the whole game the information that you will be able to see about your opponents is: the number of points they have, the amount of money they have left in the table and the number of cards/ tiles they have left in their hand.

Player balance and card/tiles status

In the centre of the table is the Meld Area. This is where all the  runs and sets are melded according to the game rules.

Rummy Meld Area

When one of the players gets rid of all their cards/ or tiles in their hand they are the winner. When a player wins the score board opens up and all of the players’  points are shown as well as their remaining cards in their hand.

Rummy game scoreboard

Play For Real Money

Now that you are finished practicing and you feel ready to make the move to win real money, it’s time to make your first deposit and enjoy our special  RummyRoyal Welcome Bonus and to start playing for real.

Making a deposit is fast and easy:

  1. Enter the Lobby
  2. Click on the “cashier” button on the right side of the screen
  3. In the cashier click on the “deposit” tab on the left hand side
  4. Chose the Deposit method that suits you best and click on “Deposit Now”

When you feel the time is right you can find out the best deposit method for you at RummyRoyal’s Deposit Methods section.