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The family of Rummy games includes some of the most popular card games ever (Traditional Rummy, Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, Kalooki and Rummy 500). With the internet taking such a central place in everyday life, it’s not surprising that you can find online solutions allowing players to enjoy variations of Rummy games without ever leaving their house.

One of the solutions is RummyRoyal’s interactive game platform which allows their community of players to take part in a variety of tournaments, games and competitions with other players from around the world.

Rummy 500 players can find a wide variation of games from the Rummy family inside RummyRoyal. They can also compete for great prizes and make contact with other Rummy players from the other side of the world – in just one click!

The game of Rummy 500, like other Rummy games, is based mostly on the player’s skill. Players can not rely only on luck in this game (as in all Rummy games) if they want to win. It is because of this fact that Rummy games are considered legitimate throughout the world. Besides for the element of skill needed to play Rummy games, in Rummy 500 players require a certain level of creativity that is not found in some of the other games. Players must use their creative thinking to see ahead and follow the game in order to win.

RummyRoyal is the first site to offer its players the opportunity to take part in international tournaments and compete for great cash prizes. RummyRoyal players can choose whether to play Rummy games on the site for practice money or for real money. The games are identical when playing in both practice mode or in real mode and are always played against real opponents.

Only depositing members at RummyRoyal can enter the Multi Table tournaments and win cash prizes. Members can choose whether to play low stakes tables or high stakes tables (or both) depending on their comfort level. We also offer our depositing members special daily freerolls and tournaments that are not available in practice mode. New depositing members receive a 100% Welcome bonus of up to $200 on their first deposit and start receiving special bonus offers to their email.

All of this is available by downloading our user friendly free software! Do you want to join the community of players at RummyRoyal? Download Rummy software for free, visit out beginners’ page and get to know the variety of games available on line.