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Technological developments that the web experienced over the past two decades have influenced almost every aspect in modern life. Leisure culture has undergone significant changes. One of the most important changes is the appearance of online card games.

Being the most popular game of cards in the world, it is little surprise that the online demand for rummy is increasing all over the web. To meet that demand, RummyRoyal developed its gaming platform, allowing players from all around the globe to play in thrilling rummy games (Kalooki, Gin Rummy and Rummy 500) and to play against players who might be thousands of miles away without having to leave their house. RummyRoyal players can enjoy luxurious virtual rummy rooms, seating arrangement and cards shuffling and dealing with the ease of a mouse click. Offline rummy tournaments are a big hassle to organize and cost a lot of money in participation fees. At RummyRoyal you get to enjoy online rummy tournaments where you want, whenever you want.

Is playing Rummy for money legal?

Along with the increasing popularity of online card games, illegal gambling also emerged and it has been a heavily discussed topic in recent years. In order to prevent this unwanted phenomenon, card games were divided into two categories. The first type includes luck-based games which are illegal in many parts of the world, and the second type is known as skill gaming, where a player’s success is based primarily on his or her strategic abilities and tactics.

Rummy games belong to the second group, because in Rummy, skill is much more important than luck. The mere definition of Rummy as a skill game makes it legitimate, fun and challenging.

RummyRoyal is the first site to offer their players an advanced Rummy gaming platform. Here you can play rummy online with just a couple of mouse clicks! You can sit down with friends, family or even stranger and enjoy playing the game you love to play offline – online!

Downloading the free game will allow you to join our quality community of members, enjoy user friendly software, amazing graphics, tons of benefits and prizes and of course you will enjoy meeting players from around the globe.

To get all the answers to our online rummy games, it is highly recommended to visit the “Getting Started” page. Afterwards, you can download the game, review the rules and learn to play with the help of our demos and then play rummy online right away.