How to Play Traditional Rummy

how to play Traditional Rummy

Traditional Rummy Demo

How to Play Traditional Rummy

Free Rummy is relatively easy to learn, since its complexity develops throughout the course of games and not as a result of its rules. Some basic principles are common to all rummy games (Kalooki, Gin & Rummy500). These principles can be learned by reading the following information, but nevertheless success relies on skill, concentration, abilities and in-game performance.

Traditional Rummy

  • Rummy is designed for two to four players.
  • The game requires two full decks of cards, without the jokers (a total of 104 cards).
  • Every player is dealt 10 cards when the game starts.
  • The purpose of the game is to be the first one without any cards in hand.
  • In the course of the game players must create melds from the cards they have in their hand, where two types of melds exist: runs – which are consecutive cards from the same suit, and sets – which are similar cards from different suits.
  • A meld must have at least 3 cards.
  • A set must have between 3 and 13 cards.
  • Every turn online rummy players have to draw at the beginning of the turn, and to discard at the end.
  • You can draw either from the discard pile or from the deck. The only card that can be taken from the discard pile is the last card that was thrown.
  • Players can perform another action during their turn which is laying down cards onto the meld area. It is possible to lay down valid melds or to add individual cards to existing melds.
  • When a player has no more cards left, his or her opponents are penalized according to the cards they have in their hand. Every card is worth it’s value, except for royalty cards which are worth 10 points each, and the ace which is worth 11 points.
  • There are two types of wins in Rummy: going out and going rummy. Going out is when a player gets rid of his or her entire hand gradually, and going rummy is when a player lays down all his or her melds at once.
  • Pot distribution is calculated by the players’ points, and the winner gets at least 75% of the pot.

These are the general principles and basic instructions of how to play rummy online. Our website offers detailed information on rules and game terms, a short interactive demo, Rummy Tips and Strategy, and all the information that new players need.

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