Royal Stars

Playing your first real money game at RummyRoyal automatically enters you into our loyalty program – The Royal Stars Club. The monthly/ quarterly accumulation of Royal Stars determines your status, which determines your benefits!

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You asked, we listened!
As per players demand, we have updated our Royal Stars Club to reward our loyal depositing members with many more benefits.

What’s new?

  • New Levels
  • New Benefits
  • Special Tier Buoys
  • Stars to Cash Conversion

Collecting Royal Stars

This chart shows the Royal Stars accumulation according to fee paid by tier level and game type.

Tier Rounds Tourneys Quick Tourneys / Tourneys
Royal Duke $0.25 = 1.25 pt. $0.5 = 2.25 pt.
Royal Jack $0.25 = 1.25 pt. $0.5 = 2.25 pt.
Royal Queen $0.25 = 1.50 pt. $0.5 = 2.75 pt.
Royal King $0.25 = 1.75 pt. $0.5 = 3.25 pt.
Royal Joker $0.25 = 2 pt. $0.5 = 3.75 pt.
Royal Diamond $0.25 = 2.5 pt. $0.5 = 4.5 pt.

Royal Stars Tier Counter: The stars you collect over 1/3/6 month determine your club status, as shown in the table below.

Royal Stars Balance: In addition to determining your status in the club, your stars function as a separate balance for you to buy into tournaments and convert to cash bonuses. In the future you will also be able to use them to buy different items in our special Royal Stars Store.

Royal Stars Accumulation and Club Tiers

Tier Tier Period Royal Stars Required Tier Buoy*
Royal Duke Monthly 0  
Royal Jack Monthly 50  
Royal Queen Monthly 255  
Royal King Monthly 600  
Royal Joker 3 Months 1,400 4,800 per tier period
Royal Diamond 6 Months 8,000 a month/ 21,000 lifetime 40,000 per tier period
  • Tier Period: Upgrade is immediate (within 24 hours from the moment you have accumulated the relevant amount of stars). You then enjoy your new level until the end of the calendar month and the entire tier period mentioned in the table above.
  • Royal Stars Required: This column shows the minimum amount of stars that is required to enter and or maintain each level. To maintain your status, you need to accumulate these amounts during your tier period.
  • Tier Buoy: This is a new feature that enables players to maintain their status, even if they haven’t been active for a month or two during their tier period.

To learn more about collecting Royal Stars, entering and maintaining statuses.

Upgrade is immediate; downgrade takes effect only after the retroactive monthly/quarterly/ 6 months calculation.

  • Example 1: Maintaining a levelMichael downloads the RummyRoyal software on October 5th and makes his first deposit on October 6th.He plays his first game, earns his first Royal Star and automatically enters the Royal Stars club as a Royal Duke. At the end of 1 month Michael has collected 35 Royal Stars and so he maintains his Royal Duke Status during November as well.
  • Example 2: Upgrading – Royal Duke to Royal QueenJenny downloads the RummyRoyal software on November 3rd and makes her first deposit on November 5th. As soon as she earns her first star, she becomes a Royal Duke in the Royal Stars Club and is eligible for all the benefits the Royal Duke tier has to offer.
    Between November 5th and November 21st Jenny collects 255 Royal Stars while playing the different Rummy games and tournaments. Within 24 hours, Jenny is automatically upgraded to the Royal Queen status and can enjoy its benefits instantly until the end of December. Come January 1st, the system calculates the Royals Stars she earned during December and determines her new status for January. The Royal Stars counter is then zeroed, as from this point on she starts collecting points upgrading or maintaining her status for February.
  • Example 3: Upgrading to Attaining the Joker Tier and Possible DowngradeAt the beginning of January Chris is a Royal King. On January 15th Chris accumulates 1400 Royal Stars and becomes a Royal Joker. This tier period is 3 months long, including the current month in which he is was upgraded. Therefore his tier counter will be checked only on May 1st (unless he is upgraded).
    If Chris has collected 1400 stars during April, he will maintain his Royal Joker status for additional three months.Tier Buoy


    Top tiers at the Royal Stars club enjoy a special tier that helps them maintain their level even if they haven’t been so active in a specific month (vacation, personal reasons etc.).
    Therefore, In case Chris has accumulated less than 1400 during April, the system will check his total royal stars accumulating during the past 3 month. If Chris has collected 4,800 stars or more during his tier period, he will maintain his Royal Joker status for another quarter. If not, he will be downgraded to Royal King immediately.

  • Example 4: Upgrading to Diamond – Lifetime AccumulationJanet is loyal player that has been playing the RummyRoyal software for over 2 years. During this time she’s been zigzagging between the different statuses.
    In the new and improved Royal Stars club, long time loyal players (Royal Kings and up) get to upgrade their club status to the Royal Diamond tier for one time, by reaching the lifetime accumulated amount of 21, 000 Royal Stars.
    Therefore, if Janet has reached 21,000 in lifetime accumulation on June 8th, and she currently holds the Royal King/ Joker status, on July 1st she is upgraded to Royal Diamond. She attains this status for 6 months and can enjoy its benefits during that period.
    After 6 months, the system will check her last month’s performance. If she has collected 8000 stars or more, she will attain her status. If not, the system will check if she has collected 40,000 or more in the past 6 months. If so, she will maintain her status. In case she hasn’t, she will be downgraded to the Royal Joker level immediately.


The table below shows how each tier level is awarded and the benefits of reaching our higher tiers.

  Royal Duke Royal Jack Royal Queen Royal King Royal Joker (VIP) Diamond (Elite)
Access to multi- tourneys v v v v v v
Reload Bonuses v v v v v v
Personal Account manager         v v
Personal Bonuses         v v
Special VIP Tourneys         v v
Royal Stars to Cash Conversion       v v v
Lifetime Accumulation Diamond Upgrade       v v -

Convert your stars to cash!

When you reach our Royal King tier you can convert your accumulated Royal Stars for instant cash. Visit the “Royal Stars Club” section inside the Cashier to learn about your conversion options.

Royal Stars Tournaments

Join our special Royal Stars Tourneys in which you buy-in with Royal Stars and win withdrawable cash money!

The tier mentioned in the table next to each tourney, specifies the minimal required tier to enter the tourney.

Quick Tournaments

 Table Name  Game Players  Buy-in
(Royal Stars)
Payout Tier
 Royal Stars $1  Kalooki 51  4  250  $1  Duke
 Royal Stars $5  Kalooki 51  4  700  $5 Queen
 Royal Stars $10  Kalooki 51  4  1000  $10  Jokers

Weekly Multi Table tournaments

Day Time Game Buy-in
(Royal Stars)
Payout Tier
Saturday 18:00 GMT Kalooki 51 300 $100 Jacks
18:00 GMT Kalooki 51 500 $300 Jokers

* Check the lobby on a regular basis to learn about any schedule changes.

Terms & Conditions.

Participation in RummyRoyal’s Royal Stars Club is conditioned by the acceptance of the full list of the terms below:

  1. Membership in the Royal Stars Club is available for free for real money depositing players only, and is conditioned by their country’s approval of participating in real money award winning tournaments of skill games. Some legal jurisdictions do not allow this kind of membership and so players from these countries are not allowed to take part in this program.
  2. Rummy Royal reserves the right to grant or deny the participation of individuals in the Royal Stars Club loyalty program at its sole discretion at any time without at any prior notice.
  3. Membership in the Royal Stars Club is limited to individual accounts only, and only the account holders are eligible for the benefits it offers.
  4. Upgrades are automatic within 24 hours.
  5. If you accumulate the required lifetime Royal Stars for the Royal Diamond tier, the upgrade will be only at the beginning of the following month and not immediate. Please note: only Royal King and Royal Jokers can enjoy this benefit – only once.
  6. Entering the Royal Stars Tourneys is conditioned by the player meeting both the tier requirement and the Royal Stars balance requirement.
  7. You can only redeem Royal Stars for cash, if you have the available Royal Stars and are within a specific tier (King and up). This is done inside the Cashier at the “Royal Stars Club” section.
  8. When Royal Stars are redeemed at your request, your Royal Stars balance will be debited with the number of points redeemed, and your real money balance will be credited with the corresponding cash amount. This money will be available for cash games and or withdrawal.
  9. Cash Rewardsar inside t may be requested at any time during a calendar month and only per the amounts that appehe Cashier.
  10. Please note that Royal Stars can be redeem to cash or used to buy into tournaments and other activities in accordance to the above terms and conditions within 90 days from the time they have been collected. After this time RummRoyal may deduct them from your balance without any further notice andor notification.
  11. RummyRoyal reserves the right to change or cancel the Royal stars Club terms and conditions, promotions and tournaments at its sole discretion, at any time and without any prior notice.
  12. RummyRoyal reserves the right to terminate the membership of players who abuse the program or fail to follow the terms and condition of this program or the site, in which case all Royal Stars and other benefits will be null and void.
  13. RummyRoyal’s general terms of use apply to this program as well.
  14. Any decision made by RummyRoyal’s management regarding the Royal Stars program is final and is not open for discussion.