How to play Oklahoma Gin

How to play Oklahoma Gin

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How to play Oklahoma Gin

Oklahoma Gin is one of the most well-known and popular rummy games in the world. There are many similarities between Oklahoma Gin and Traditional Rummy, but nevertheless there are several differences that set the games apart. We have gathered together the basics of How to play Oklahoma Gin on this page. The terms used to describe each move are all used in the world of Rummy games.

The game is played by up to four players. Two players will start the game with ten cards and three to four players will start the game with seven cards each.

Like Traditional online Rummy, in Oklahoma the object of the game is to create melds (sets and runs) from the cards in your hand. The ultimate goal is to be the first to discard all of the cards in your hand in the form of runs and sets. In Oklahoma the total value of the cards remaining in your hand when the game ends is highly important as it determines the final place in the round.

Two actions are performed in every turn. The first is drawing a card from the pile or the discard pile, and the second is throwing an unnecessary card to the discard pile.

Oklahoma Gin game ends in one of the following three ways:

Gin – the winner creates valid melds from every card in hand, except for the last card which is thrown to the “knock” area.

Knock – one player creates valid melds from the majority of the cards in hand, where the total value of cards left in hand does not exceed 10.

Undercut – when a player “knocks”, his or her opponents can add cards to that player’s melds only if the cards are added directly to the cards laid down by the “knocker”. This is a chance for the opponents to reduce their deadwood count. Adding can lead to an undercut. Undercut is when a player lays down melds until he or she has a lower deadwood count than that of the “Knocker”. In this case, the player who managed to undercut will win the game, and the original Knocker will receive 25 penalty points in addition to his or her deadwood count.

Prize distribution – In Oklahoma the prize is distributed according to the difference between the winner’s points and the losers’ points, where the winner receives at least 75% of the pool prize.

These are the general principles of Oklahoma Gin. Our online website contains more detailed information on Oklahoma Gin rules and how to play the game, Strategic Tips and all the information needed by beginners.

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