Okey Tournaments

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When players become skilled enough at a game, simply playing against friends and family isn’t enough. In order to truly test one’s skill, an online tournament is the answer. These tournaments often bring in players from around the world, players who may have been playing the same game for years.

One of the many rummy games that has started to appear in more tournaments is called Okey. Okey is a Turkish form of Rummy, and one that has begun to really catch on on the internet. Because of this, it was only a matter of time before casinos started to offer it as a game online, which eventually grew into the tournaments that we now know about.

Types of Tournaments

There are two types of tournaments out there for Okey. The first is the free tournament. Free tournaments are best for those who play free online Okey. By moving into a free tournament, the risk is still relatively low for these players. What it does offer, however, is the competitive spirit that can be found in a tournament. A novice may still become overwhelmed by the intensity that can be found in a tournament, even if it is free. What a free tournament does is makes players test their skills and see how good they really are.

Most times, these free tournaments will offer some form of a scoring board, so that players can see how they place against others. By looking at Okey scores online, players can see how many points the competition usually has when they win. Even is a person wins their group, they may discover that they still have a very long way to go when they look at their Okey scores. However, it is beneficial in a free tournament because they player loses nothing if they lose.

A tournament that isn’t free typically requires some form of buy in. The buy in is done for many reasons, one of which is to see whether the player is serious or not. People will not take losing money lightly, so they will play to their greatest lengths to become victorious. Also, most casinos take the buy in money and put it into the pool, meaning you may win it back.

Learn the Game First

Before you even decide to enter a tournament, make sure you are aware of how the game is played. It is crucial that you learn Okey rules, even if the game resembles Rummy. Each game has a slight variation in how it is played, and some of these methods cannot be simply learned as you play. Also, be aware of online Okey rules, which can be different than what is played at a table and this is true for all the online rummy variations. Since there are no other physical players next to you, these rules may be adjusted to accommodate that.

Tournaments can be great fun if you know what you are doing. If you are unprepared, these tournaments can be overwhelming and may ruin the experience for you. Only enter the tournament when you feel that you are prepared. Have a firm grasp on the rules of the game and also have your own strategy. Without these two things, it will be very difficult to come out on top. If you are prepared, however, you may find tournaments fun and rewarding.