How to Play Okey

how to play Okey Rummy

Okey Demo

For those who are familiar with rummy games, Okey cannot seem very foreign. It is a game that is catching on around the world. It has grown so much that people participate in online Okey tournaments, putting their skills to the test in order to win money. If you want to play, it is crucial that you learn Okey rules, since they are different from other games out there.

Okey is a fun and unique game that puts a unique spin on Rummy games, such as Burraco. Developed in Turkey, Okey generally consists of 4 players and 106 tiles. These tiles (or cards) are imprinted with various numbers, which are also color coordinated. The colors that are available are black, green, red, and yellow.

There are also two types of joker cards, the standard joker along with a false joker card. The false jokers have no number on them, making them plain on both sides. A six-sided die is then used to determine the order of the players.

The dealer will then shuffle the tiles, making sure they are mixed well. He will then hand out the cards to players, who will stack the cards into 5 piles, creating 21 stacks. The dealer will be left with one extra card, which they will use to discard. Each player’s hand will consist of 14 tiles and the game is played counter-clockwise.

The joker is determined by placing a card face up. Jokers are cards that are the same color, but have one higher numerical value than what is shown. For example, if the face up card is a 5, the joker is a 6.

How to Win

A winner is decided when a player is able to successfully create a hand that made of all the same tiles and consistent in color. The winning hand can be created by melding 14 cards or having 7 pairs that are the same color and numerical value.
Players will show their hand right after they discard their hand, creating a slightly different rule than with traditional Rummy. This adds another layer of tension, however, because you are unable to see what others have.


Okey has its own set way of scoring players after a winner has been decided. For example, if a player wins without any special rule or stipulation, each of the remaining players will lose 2 points. However, if that player wins by discarding a joker as their final card, the remaining players lose 4 points. 4 points can also be lost if the winning player wins the game by using 7 pairs.

These are the basic rules on how to play Okey. Okey is a game that is very popular around the world, allowing you to play the game online as well. If you play online, you must be sure to learn more about the game so that you can create an online Okey strategy. By putting your skills to the test, you’ll be able to truly enjoy Okey.

Most online casinos offer Okey as a variation of Rummy. Not all games cost money, however, and it is rather simple to play free Okey online, which will be sure to entertain anyone who enjoys a challenge. The next time you feel like tying something different, be sure to check out Okey.