Mahjong Rules

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Learning to play Mahjong can be a challenging, but satisfying experience. It is a traditional Chinese game and was first brought to America in the 1920s. As with all card games and other online games, learning Mahjong rules are very important. Other Rummy games like Tripoley for instance, are slightly easier to master than Mahjong, and there are not as many variations. However, a competent player will be able to distinguish between the Japanese, Chinese, and American Mahjong games.

Online Mahjong rules establish a base from which the game is played and stops players from making up moves to suit themselves as the game progresses. Following the rules of the game enables the players to seat themselves in the correct place, to build the wall, to play the game, to score points and to adhere to all the other procedures involved in playing the game correctly.

The most common grouping of players is four, but two, three or five people can also play. A complete game consists of 16 hands of play which take place in four rounds. These are named after the four compass points of East, South, West, and North in that particular order. The player with the highest score from a throw of the dice plays first.

Before play starts, the tiles are arranged in ‘a wall’ of four sides with thirty eight tiles in each compass point or direction. But, before this, the “Charleston’ has to be played! Not the dance, but the swopping of tiles with other players so that each player has the best tiles they could possible get. Mahjong rules online are easy to access and very necessary to study long before getting involved in a game for money. For online international Mahjong tournaments, new international rules have been established. Mahjong is now an international sport, not just a rummy game. The online Mahjong rules show 80 different combinations of arrangements which merge the traditional and modern features of the game.

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