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Playing free Mahjong online can be so exciting! It is one of those games can be rather overwhelming when first being played, but once the player has mastered the ins and outs, it can be the most addictive gam, much like Gin Rummy. Mahjong has lots of different hands all called a variety of strange names, together with variations to the game, and unique circumstances during the game play. All of these add to the excitement and mystery of the game and hark back to its beginnings in China.

Any game, be it played with cards or tiles has its own exclusive vocabulary or glossary of terms, and Mahjong is no different. Luckily free Mahjong is available to be played so the player has plenty of unhurried time to devote to learning the intricacies of the game. Having said that, Mahjong is now classed as one of the ‘hottest’ games in America! With its own special strategy, it has many followers in America who love to play free Mahjong as often as possible.

Mahjong is one of those games that has never stopped changing and never lost popularity. A lot of players attribute this to the games mysterious past when it was linked to the Chinese philosopher Confucius. Mahjong has been able to fit in with and adapt to the changing needs of its players. It remains challenging, rich with strategy and exotic and draws people towards playing it like a magnet.

Once the variations and gameplay is mastered, playing free online Mahjong will become the players favorite rummy game variation. He will also have all his friends and family begging him to teach them how to play Mahjong. At first, the American version might seem too daunting, but perseverance is recommended to grasp the finer points. Two new parts of the game were introduced in America – ‘cleared hand’ and ‘one double’. These allow the game to continue for a longer period of time so adding to the immense enjoyment of playing and refining ones techniques.