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For many a Mahjong player, there are numerous Mahjong havens on the internet enabling them to play online or to download their very own Mahjong software. Most rummy software download sites will offer full instructions on how to go about downloading Mahjong online whether the player owns an Apple Mac or a PC. All card games originating in countries other than America retain something from their country of origin. Mahjong lays claim to the beautiful writing or pictures on the cards, and Turkish Rummy or Okey, is played with ‘false jokers’ known as ‘okey’ in Turkish.

When a player downloads Mahjong, they will be able to play as long they want to with no time limit in the comfort of their own home. No need to go out and try and find people to play with. Playing Mahjong is often compared to playing a complicated game of intense skill and concentration, but once the player has practiced sufficiently, it becomes second nature. To play Mahjong is no longer seen as being a big time gambler as it has taken its place among the accepted international classic card games.

Mahjong games download is so easy to set up and finish at home. For the next couple of years, Mahjong can be played by the whole family from the home environment. In 1998, Mahjong was acclaimed as the 255th sport in China and the first world championships were held in 2002. All the versions of Mahjong played around world follow more or less a similar gameplay format, so no matter where it is downloaded from, it is easy to follow the instructions and play with ease and comfort. When playing on downloaded rummy games software in a Mahjong tournament, sometimes the player is disconnected. This can happen any where in the world, however once the connection is restored, the games continues as before with the player still part of the original gameplay. Aside from downloading Mahjong onto your personal computer, it can also be played at numerous online Mahjong websites.