Canasta Strategy

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Canasta Strategy and tips

The game of Canasta is a relatively complex game to play, that requires cooperation between team mates, strategy, concentration, alertness and judgment at any given time in order to win. The scoring system can be quite harsh, and sometimes the line between receiving a bonus or a penalty can be quite thin. So much so, that just one card can determine the teams score.

To avoid penalty points you should check out some of our basic Canasta Startegy and tips to help make sure that you or your team wins the game.

According to Canasta rules a team that has not completed at least one Canasta will be penalized at the end of the game and will most likely not receive any points for their hand. To avoid this we suggest that each team makes an effort to get out at least one Canasta at the beginning of the game, and after they can take the chance to form more complex sets.

There are special sets that award teams with significant bonus points. An example for this is a 7 or ace canasta. Teams will most likely try to form these types of canastas and not discard them. Here you should use your judgment as to the cards you discard. Towards the end of the game it is suggested to get rid of as many 7′s and aces as you can as you will be penalized for them in the end. Most likely players that have not formed one of those melds will try and get rid of the cards. This can be a great opportunity for the opposing team who is holding the cards in their hand (7′s or aces) to try and collect the cards that their opponents are discarding to form this Canasta. Note – this could be a risky move as you could either be penalized a great amount or you could get a big bonus, so make sure to pay attention to the cards that are discarded.

A special Canasta awards the holder a special bonus- a wild canasta (2′s and jokers in any combination). A team that wishes to form such a Canasta can not use the rest of the cards in their hand until the Wild Canasta has been melded. So here too caution should be taken. In the event that the initial deal gives a team a large number of wild cards this a move that should be used. On the other hand, if a team has a lot of incomplete cansatas they should use wild rummy cards to form the largest amount of mixed canastas.

At the beginning of each turn, the player has 2 options – to draw a card from the stock pile or to draw from the discard pile, in the latter case the player must also collect the rest of the discard pile cards. Although the main goal of the player is to get rid of all of their cards, there is a chance that in the pile there are a number of cards that can actually be useful and change the game. It’s important to keep track of the discarded cards.

Our last tip brings us to the main idea for all strategies and decisions in the game, and concentration is the key. Canasta is a dynamic game, like many other rummy games, such as burraco, that changes from turn to turn and the game can change in a second. Don’t take too many risks, cooperate with your partner in hopes that they will actually be able to help you accumulate the highest amount of possible points – quickly!

Please note that these are just a few of the Canasta Strategy tips. Use any of these tips and strategies while playing online Canasta games and you could be winning big in no time!