Burraco Tournaments

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Finding good Burraco tournaments in which to play can be quite taxing sometimes, but it is worth it when the potential winnings are big. When such a tournament is won, the amount of the winning pot can be 100 times more than the money with which the game was started. And, based on the number of people playing in the tournament, the winning amount just grows.

The majority of online Burraco tournaments revolve around eliminating players, and good preparation techniques are recommended. Online tournaments are held for all variations of the Rummy games, including the two Kalooki’s – Kalooki 51 and Kalooki 40! It is not worth driving around looking for casinos offering Burraco tournaments when they can be found online so easily. Playing online is also faster and the only cost to the player is the buy in amount for joining the tournament.

While looking for good Burraco tournaments online pay attention to the ones it may be possible to win – or at least there is a chance of winning. Here it is important to look at the statistics of the tournament and work out one’s chances – pay attention to the number of players involved in the tournament, or how many people are wanting to sign up to play in particular online Burraco tournaments. The less people the better – as the more chance there is of one of them making a mistake and being eliminated. As a player aiming to win, lots of stamina is needed and mistakes cannot be made. A ‘winning’ mental attitude is important.

The really good high stakes Burraco tournaments are usually offered by large well known websites. Make sure that lots of practise in games with real money takes place to build confidence and to get used to the tournament environment. Only play in one Burraco tournament at a time otherwise confusion could win instead of the player! And remember to take a good look at all those discarded cards as they can be the key to winning the game!