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Kalooki 51 strategy skill is acquired as you play this complex game in which each move can determine the outcome of the game. The game requires skill, strategy and concentration with each move of the game affecting the outcome. Each game progresses according to the moves made by each player while there are a few core rules that should be considered when making each move towards winning the game.

Draw – A very important Kalooki tip concerns a basic move of the rummy games – the draw. At the beginning of each round it is recommended to draw a card from the stock pile in order to prevent your opponent from knowing what cards you need.

Discard – Discarding a card at the end of each round is a significant part of the game. When discarding a card the player is getting rid of a card that is of little or no use to them thus the opponents get a little idea of what cards you are trying to collect.

Concentration – Concentration and alertness are components that help players win in Kalooki 51. The game play is fast and therefore is constantly changing. Concentration provides the player with an advantage as they are more aware of and involved with the moves being made by their opponent and can thusly judge their situation. For example: A player notices that his opponent has drawn a few Kalooki 51 cards that could make up a potential sequence, from this you can understand that the opponent is nearing the end and it time to get rid of cards so as not to be caught with a large number of penalty points.

Discard Pile – Each turn a player discards a card that is of no use to them. A player that is keeping track of them will benefit from that in one of two ways. First the player knows what cards have been discarded and will know what cards are no longer in play. The second is that the player will then be able to make an educated guess as to the cards that his opponent does not need, therefore knowing what cards to discard.

End of the game – A player that is trying to win by going Kalooki has to be alert as to what is happening at the table. In the case where your opponents have already started melding their cards, winning by going Kalooki could be a big risk.

These are some basic Kalooki 51 strategy tips and not rules of thumb, but they can give a player many advantages over his opponents and ultimately determine who wins.

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