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The technological advancements in online gaming in the past two decades has affected almost every aspect of modern living. Leisure culture has undergone important changes and the biggest change and advancement is online card games.

In light of the popularity of the Kalooki games, it’s no surprise that the game of Kalooki 51 is in high demand online. In order to meet the growing demand for online Kalooki 51, RummyRoyal has developed a game platform which allows players from all around the world to take part in exciting Kalooki 51 games with other opponents from all over the globe.

With the rising popularity of online card games, the phenomenon of illegal gambling has also risen. The rummy games do not suffer from this controversy as they are considered to be Skill games which are legal for money play in most jurisdictions. The Rummy family of card and tile games is based on the player’s skill as having the most dominant effect on a game’s result. It’s been proved scientifically that in any rummy games, skill, strategy and tactical play are the main factors in players’ wins over time.

The Kalooki 51 game belongs to the rummy family and therefore, relies mostly on skill while the element of luck plays a small part. The fact that Kalooki 51 is categorized as a skill based game makes playing online Kalooki 51 completely legitimate, fun and thrilling!

RummyRoyal is the first site to offer the Kalooki community an online platform with advanced games of cards and tiles. The free software download allows you to join our great community of players, enjoy our user friendly software, the amazing graphics, great prizes and surprises and interact with players from all over the globe.

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Rummy Royal is the only website that offers such a fun and innovate software for online Multi-Player Rummy games. So, if you also want to play against thousands of other Kalooki 51 players online and test you skill, all that is left for you to do is to download our free software  and play Kalooki 51 online!

Kalooki 51 Tutorial

In case you are unfamiliar with our application of Kalooki online you are more then welcome to watch our interactive tutorial. With this demo you will learn the rules of Kalooki 51 and our application’s game play in a matter of minutes.