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Rummy Royal’s community of players is enjoying the most advanced free Kalooki 51 online platform in the world! The software boasts impressive graphics, a variety of exciting Rummy games (Gin Rummy, Rummy 500 and Traditional Rummy), thousands of talented players and cash prize tournaments – most importantly, you can play Free Kalooki 51!

Kalooki 51 is a well known card game, and a very popular variant of the Rummy family that is available in both tiles and cards.

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Rummy Royal’s Kalooki 51 is played by 2-4 players, the main objective of the game being to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand just like in most Rummy based games. The game is made up of several rounds in which each player has a turn. Each turn is made up by performing two different moves: In the first move, the player must draw a card. The card can be drawn from the stock pile or from the discard pile. Once the player has drawn a card he must then choose a card to discard to the discard pile. It is most likely that the card to discard is the card which is the least useful card to your hand and to your opponent.

The software is available to anyone who wants it – for free. Even after downloading the software a player can choose to make a deposit into their RummyRoyal account and play online Kalooki 51 for real money or to play for practice money for as long as they wish!

Download Kalooki 51 for Free!

Each player, can download Kalooki 51 software for free, practice, learn how to play and get to know the platform without having to spend any money. We grant our players $500 in practice money in order for them to participate in our practice tables. In case the practice balance runs our, a player can replenish it again and again with a push of a button. When you feel ready, deposit money into your account and compete for the exciting and attractive prizes that are offered to the depositing members of RummyRoyal!

Watch Our Interactive Kalooki 51 Tutorial

Make sure you check out our specially designed interactive demo we have created. With this unique tutorial you will be able to learn Rummy Royal’s Kalooki 51 game play in less then two minutes and also you will get your first impression of the game prior to downloading it – To watch our unique and interactive tutorial please click here