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Throughout history, the different variations of Rummy games have been some of the most popular card games across the globe. One of the most popular Rummy games is Kalooki 51 which is now available online.

Kalooki 51 is played by 2-4 players with the objective of Kalooki 51 being to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in their hand. The game consists of several rounds, in which each player has a turn. Each player’s turn is made up of two different moves: First the player must draw a card from either the stock pile or from the discard pile. Once a player has drawn a card they must then choose a card to discard to the discard pile.

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Looking for more action? You can open up to 3 windows at a time – that means playing 3 different hands of cards at the same time!

Kalooki 51 Interactive Demo

Never played Kalooki 51? Watch our interactive demo and within 2 minutes you will know the basic Kalooki 51 rules and our game play.