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There are no words to describe the fast pace of the technological developments of online gaming in recent decades. After many popular games have seen their names being typed in people’s browsers all over the world – it’s time for the online rummy revolution!

A well known fact about the Kalooki 40 card game, is that people love to play it offline. Whether for money or just for kicks – the game has definitely got its magic. So why not play Kalooki 40 online? Coming to the rescue is RummyRoyal with most advanced rummy software in the world to offer virtual rummy rooms like no others! After all, what’s more convenient than finding an opponent to play online with in less than 10 seconds in the comfort of your own home?

Online Kalooki play and legality is another important issue to address. It is important to note that the rummy games are skill based games. This means that in the long run a skilled player will always beat a player who chooses his move randomly. Skill and strategy is most dominant when it comes to the outcome of the game. The element of chance in Kalooki 40 adds some zing to it, some thrill, but that’s it. But don’t be afraid, Kalooki 40 is one of those game you can learn in 2 minutes, but spend a lifetime getting better at, and learn more as you go.

The fact that this game of cards is based on the players’ skill rather than luck, makes playing Kalooki 40 online legitimate and legal in most jurisdictions. Just like playing any other skill game towards winning a cash prize – like golf tournaments, or scrabble, playing Kalooki online is no different. is proud to be the home of online rummy games. The first site to offer a real and professional solution of offline Kalooki 40 players all over the world, and the one to set the bar for all others! You can download our free software right now (download and installation take less than a minute) and become a member of a thriving community today. Within 2 minutes you can learn any game through interactive tutorials, and find a seat in one of our Kalooki 40 tables. Ready to begin? You’re invited to visit our beginners pages that will guide through your first clicks on our site and software.

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